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Friday, August 12, 2005

Help me Unify my Blogs

I want to unify my current (and any future) blogs under one banner with a similar look and feel. To do so I'll need a brand identity, a good webhost, and a web programmer who can help me put my thoughts for design onto the web. If anybody knows where I might find such a person. Someone who might be willing to work for peanuts now and some equity later (equity that will probably never come unless Blogs suddenly go IPO crazy, which I doubt) , please let me know. Perhaps a student or recent graduate who wants to bulk up their resume.

I'd like to standardize on Movable Type or Wordpress. Wordpress is free, which is an advantage. MT seems to be easier to understand for intermediate level HTMLer's, like myself. I'd like to model this on Weblogs, Inc or Gawker Media. The recognized leaders in the field. I have no aspirations of every reaching those kinds of numbers, but I think the model works scales down well even for authors with just 5-10 blogs in their stable (and could scale up if needed).

Anyone? Bueller?


Blogger The DWG said...

I'm curious how you think you might be able to monetize your blogs if they're unified and branded.

10:50 AM  

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