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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gone, just gone.

When Stacey, Indigo, and I drove cross-country during our move in February we passed right through all those towns. We spent two nights in New Orleans and enjoyed the sights, but thought the French Quarter had seen better days. Now it certainly has. As we drove we commented on all the beautiful homes in Bay St. Louis, Gulfport, Biloxi... we wished we had the money to buy a home there, now as we watch survivors mourn over their losses, we are glad we hadn't. We stopped at the sharkhead souvenir shop and took photos, we ate at Pirates Cove (best Po'Boys and HushPuppies of the trip), marveled at the casinos.... Now all that is gone. Just gone.

Plus we have a human tragedy beyond imagining. The poor of New Orleans, Biloxi, and the rest of the gulf area have been abandoned by our government. Even the big media types are wondering how the situation could have gotten so bad. I hope the people in Washington who are supposed to know better pay with their jobs and at the midterm elections and we elect a house that has the balls to impeach the incompetent idiots that are mismanaging our country and our resources into ruin. Bush and company has had four years to get a plan into place. What if this had been a terrorist attack and instead of 200,000 people in New Orleans needing help, we had 1.2 million? In Japan they would all be resigning in shame and moving aside for people who could get results.

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Blogger Robbert said...


I couldnot agree more on what you just said. I’m from the netherlands but I must say that it is hardly covered here. Sure there are messages about it on the internet and the news but that is about it.

I have the idea that most europeans here are thinking, now where are you with you big mouth, solve it yourself. Which is a bad way to think.

I hope you all will recover from the damage soon !!

Robbert Hamburg
The Netherlands.

2:10 AM  

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