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Sunday, November 06, 2005

France Riots: The first shot fired in the flat-economy war

Okay. So some kids were upset at their future economic potential and decided to burn some cars. That's the message I was getting from the major media outlets regarding the current rioting in France. But this post at Global Guerrillas shows how the riots are really the first battle in a war between the western economic structure and those who benefit from it and the havenots (basically everyone else). What makes this different is that street gangs have partnered with and learned lessons from professional agitators in the muslim extremist movement. France being the perfect petri-dish for this sort of culture growth.

What does this mean? If the tens of thousands of people who have been protesting at the WTO and World Bank meetings learn the lessons they will return home and work out strategies based on the France Riots. Until the state learns how to control the market enough to provide economic opportunity for all, they will remain powerless to control this new force.

I'm hopeful that somewhere out there in this group is the next Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin duo. Someone who will articulate and push for the new Declaration of Individual Rights. This would include the right to health care, a living wage, quality education, lifelong employement, protection of pensions, etc.


Blogger Sailom said...

Hi, I'm a French guy living abroad. You can check out my comments on these events at www.sailom.blogspot.com
I spent most of my life in Paris area.
These riots are a youth problem. Unemployment is the background only. The rioters are teenagers. Their parents and elder brothers and sisters are those who worry about the consequences of their acts.

6:09 AM  

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