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Thursday, July 01, 2004

If these walls could talk

Apparently they can. It looks like my house has set up a blog of its own. I hope it looks kindly upon its current owners.


I know this isn't technically in the spirit of this blog. But I wanted to get this down somewhere where I wouldn't lose it. A Friend of a Friend, whose blog I read, recently posted about his Grandmother's passing. As is usually the case, his writing helped me put what's been happening in my life in perspective. This is what I left in his comments:

Kevin, I wanted to thank you for writing that down and sharing it with us. You wrote: "In my own mind and soul I had been paying what I would be satisfied as my final respects every day that I saw her, in case things should turn before I saw her again. In this I found an inner solace." I just lost both my grandmothers in the space of a month and those two sentences have helped me place exactly how I feel. I still think about both of them wishing I could call and tell them something, or get that family recipe, or just see them again. But I do take solace knowing that they are now in a peaceful place away from the pain and the approaching shroud of death that had been omnipresent in their final days. I hope that your inner solace grows for you and that your memories of your grandmother bring you and your family joy for the life that she lived. Thank you again.

My grandmothers, Nana Clerin and Grandma Frost, died in separate ways. Grandma Frost had Alhzeimers and although she lived on physically was gone on in nearly every other way for a number of years. Still in the last few weeks of her life, I'm told she had moments of clarity. I'm glad her children and some of her children's children and some of her great grand children were able to be there in person to say goodbye. I was not able to make it and will not be able to make the family reunion this summer either. But I don't feel as if I'm drifting away from my father's side of the family. They're my aunts and cousins and I still love each and every one of them tremendously and would want nothing bad to befall any of them.

Nana, Doris Clerin, died because life was no longer fun for her. She had spirit and the famous Irish zest for life. But when her heart finally let her down (I've lost count at how many heart surgeries she had) and prevented her from living her life and having fun doing it, she knew it was time to go. It's ironic that her heart was the organ to go as it was the the central aspect of her life. She was born on February 14th, 1914 and was a Valentine Girl in every way. Her heart was large enough to enfold everyone, even those who had strayed from the path, and welcome them into her life. She loved to do things; Golf, go to the beach, see a play, play cards, play with and care for her grandchildren. And she got to see her first great grandchild this February for her 90th birthday. She said that Indigo brought so much happiness to her life I'm very happy they got to meet.

Both of my grandmothers are now in the peaceful place they planned on finding upon their deaths. There they are catching up with old friends and loved ones who had gone before them. I also feel they are looking down on us now with all the same love and care they showed in their lives wishing the best for us all. It is all I can do to try and live up to their wishes.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Things are temporarily on hold...

while we deal with the Realtor/Broker who listed out house. I hope I can get this show on the road again in a few short days.

Meanwhile, please visit my other blog, 'The Disney Blog' for news and views about the Walt Disney Company and all its many facets.