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Friday, August 05, 2005

Ack... Rent due to theatres later... (wait, is that a good thing?)

Well, no it's not. Rent, the movie, had been scheduled for release on November 11th and now it's been pushed back until Nov 23rd unless you live in or near or can travel to Los Angeles, Toronto, or New York City.

Who here will be camping out in the line, raise your hand.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The 10 Blogs I Would Want On A Desert Island

There’s a new meme going around the blogosphere. Everyone is posting a list consisting of ‘What ten blogs you would want on a desert island’. That’s a loaded question, of course. Because you’d probably want survival blogs instead of gadget blogs, fictional blogs instead of news blogs, and boat or raft building blogs instead of The Disney Blog. But obviously that’s not the point of this exercise.

Instead, via the magic of tags, technorati, and blogging, a consensus will be built on the real top 10 blogs that people check out every day and, via exclusion, which of the current top blogs they’d be willing to forgo. That’s the theory anyway.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 weblogs list as of right now, at this moment in time, subject to change upon even my slightest whim, and in no particular order.

BoingBoing.net – This was a must. It’s number one on all the lists for a reason.
Bookslut – So much more than just books.
Cinematical – A touch choice here. But one of the top movie and film blogs out there.
The Disney Blog (mwhu-ha-ha) – Hopefully in my absence someone would keep this going with news from the Disney World.
Kottke.org – He might be a day late with some of those links, but they’re almost all interesting to me.
Neil Gaiman – While I’m on a desert island, I presume I’d have time to work on my writing chops. In another close race, I’d prefer Gibson’s Blog, but he doesn’t post very much.
Drawn.ca – It’s fairly new, but already the best place on the internet to track new stars in the world of art, illustration, comics, and animation.
Cartoon Brew – This site has great contacts in the animation world and they put them to good use.
The Daily Kos - although that is less of a blog than a community, it’s by far the best clearing house for progressive thought from the democratic side of the aisle (and sometimes a bit further left than that).
Metafilter - again is this a blog or a community? Like BoingBoing and Kottke, this site is a wonderful way to keep up with the latest goings on, the news, the news of the absurd, and the funky facts you’ll find yourself whipping at cocktail parties with glee.

Voila! Use the Technorati Tag '10blogs' to add yours to the conversation.

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