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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bill Moyers and Deconsumption

Here’s an interesting color-commentary on the economy: a ‘house for sale’ weblog for a home in Henderson, NV. Great idea, and interesting way to market your home. But more specifically, it also paints a picture of the market around Las Vegas—a bubble if ever there was one. This weblog started in June 2004, when the house was listed at $800K. But in October, due to falling housing market, it was dropped just shy of $700K. And you can snap it up today for $600K. (In fairness, the Dr. Seuss motif children’s room is a charmer!).
The weblog Deconsumption linked to my Home4Sale blog as evidence of the Las Vegas real estate bubble popping. They missed some details on the actual bubble burst (it was more of a slight deflating), but it was nice to be linked to.

Deconsumption also had an earlier article where he quotes Bill Moyer's excellent (and frightening) essay "There is No Tomorrow". Either the data points used for this essay are completely wrong (because even taking into account a large margin of error, these numbers are positively scary) or we're on the path to distaster (of course, I said that in 1991 and we've made it another 15 years).

Finally, I want to urge you to check out the latest blog in my growing pantheon -- The Home Blog. It's my ongoing look at homes, the housing market, and related subjects. I'm looking for additional authors, so if you're interested in writing drop me a line.

That's all for today, more updates as the departure date for Orlando draws closer.