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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bastille Day

Today France celebrates the revolution of 1789 and the storming of the royal prison or bastille. It's the indpendence day for the world's second democracy and a country that has been a friend to the US for centuries. I've a quick post on my Disney Blog for those who are interested.

Bastille Day has been a troubled day for the members of the Frost family. In one instance my mom, who taught French to High Schoolers in the US, was touring France by herself. While in Southern France she had an encounter with a what she took to be a common criminal who tried to steal her handbag. In getting away from him she ran over his toes and that act landed her in Jail on Bastille Day. When it became clear that she wasn't going to offer to bribe her way out of jail they released her and told her never to come back to that town again. An unmarked police car followed her to the border of Spain as she sped away with Bastille Day fireworks exploding in the background.

Today also marks the two year anniversary of the night my wife and I were hit by a Drunk Driver. The driver has now served his time, gotten out of jail early, earned back his driver's license (which he wasn't supposed to get back for 5 years) and is on parole. My wife and I, on the otherhand, are still waiting for his insurance company to settle with us for our injuries. We have both been injured permanently by this drunk driver, and possibly would have been killed if we hadn't been driving such a large SUV. It looks more and more like we'll be forced to go to court to recover damages. That means 3-5 more years before we see anything.

These are just the two largest incidents. There are more. I hope that whatever fate ties the Frost family to Bastille Day decides it is time to smile on us going forward. We sure need a break.