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Friday, September 16, 2005


Last night Bush spoke in platitudes only. He spoke of 'hard work' although he's never done a day of hard work in his life. His whole operation is self-preservation and cronyism. This is further evidenced by his appointment of Karl Rove, the head crony, to lead the reconstruction effort. This upsets me to no end. But this is little that can be done about it because, as they say, to the victor go the spoils.

The people and corporations that put Bush and his cronies in power have been reaping the riches generated by his 300 billion dollar 4 year war (with no end or limit to spending in sight) against Iraq, a country that never attacked or seriously threatened the U.S.. Now they're looking at a 200 billion dollar reconstruction effort that will line their pockets even further. This will only egg them, the people behind the curtain, on to go farther at the next election in their efforts to steal America from its people. Through fraud and manipulation they were successful in 2004, we must stop them in 2006.

Another victory in this string of victories for the people that put Bush in power is the nomination of John Roberts for Supreme Court Chief Justice. Roberts is the king of corporatism, the poster boy for the religious right, and is lying (through omission and white lies) his way on to the highest bench in our nation. It's a lifetime appointment, so there will be no second chances to gain control of the SCOTUS for 40-50 years once he is appointed.

In a recent editorial, Gov. Dean makes a strong argument on why Robert's nomination should be denied. But it will never happen. Too many Democrats are Republicans in sheeps clothing. They know the game. To the victor goes the spoils and if you want in the room for a chance to fight over the table scraps, then you'd better play along.

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