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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Sept 11th Families

I found this website from the families of the victims of September 11th. My sentiments exactly.

Three Years

Three Years Ago today a terrible atrocity was committed against the people of the earth. People from around the world (mostly from the United States, yes, but people from more than 30 other countries were killed (including the most ever in a terror attack from Great Britian and India (if I recall correctly)) who had assembled in the city known as the crossroads of the world and working in the world trade center were killed for the sole purpose of instilling terror. Instilling terror in the hearts of freedom loving people so that those who maintain power and wealth through controlling others would have it just a little bit easier.

I watched 5 minutes of news coverage on one of the major news cable channels this morning. It doesn't matter which one, they were all running similar footage. And in that five minutes I had relived the terror of September 11th all over again. It's sad, because for those five minutes and the time it has taken me to recover emotionally the terrorists scored another victory.

Yes, we should never forget. But neither should be remember in a way that empowers terrorism. Instead, September 11th should be a day to shine the light of Freedom and Liberty and Love (all those things that strike terror into the hearts of terrorists) around the globe. Is there oppression and mass murder in Sudan? That should be today's main story. Are the warlords in Afganistan still in power across most of the country? That should be today's main story.

On the otherhand, where is good happening? Is China making real steps to re-enter the world economy and spread freedom to its citizens? Slow progress for sure, but progress. Bully for them, it's been a long time for China to recover from 1820 when they were the world's number one economic power. But here they are poised to resume that throne. What about Kosovo? Have we taken our eye off the ball there? or is good still happening?

Despite what Washington DC and the Military Complex tells you, the only way to fight terrorism is not by striking back with terror of our own, but by fixing our own house, then helping our friends and neighbors fix theirs, then moving on to their neighbors and so forth until only the deepest darkest crannies are left for terrorists to hide in and preach their message of hate and control through fear.

Three years ago today I woke up and got dressed to start a new job selling advertising in the real estate market in Las Vegas, NV. It was a booming field. I had never sold advertising before, never made a sales call on a client, never closed a deal. I was always on the backend. Preparing the materials for sales people to use, helping provide the product sold, etc. But I was sure I would be successful at this job because Las Vegas' housing market was so strong. Heck the whole economy of Las Vegas was amazing. Yes the Dot-Com crash had hurt a bit, but the future still looked great.

Then the terrorists struck and they got what they wanted. A huge economic fall in the U.S. economy. In Las Vegas everyone pulled in tight, there were mass layoffs at the hotels when guests stopped coming, home builders stopped or slowed construction, families purse strings were drawn closed against luxury items and even some necessities. I spent 6 months working 60 hours a week selling advertising to owners and managers who told me I had the worse timing in the world and that to check back with them when they economy was better.

I learned some amazing lessons professionally and personally during that time. One was never give up. Eventually I found a product niche that people were buying -- websites. This was an area I did well in. But still not well enough to provide for my family, so after putting in a good six months trying to make this job as an advertising salesman work I found another job where I could have an entry into the hospitality industry (Las Vegas' biggest industry by far).

It took two years for Las Vegas to return to pre 9/11 numbers. The effects are still being felt with a few major closures a result of the poor economy (Castaway Casino, Binions). Las Vegas needs to attract some other industries if they wish to substain the growth of the last decade. Right now the industries of Furniture and Medical are being explored by local governments. Construction is as booming as ever and is about to grow in a new direction - up. Condo towers, time shares, etc are going to start popping up across the valley as room to build new communities dwindles. At one end of the valley we're pushing up against Sloan and at the other end Mount Charleston. There is lots of infill left, but hopefully those will be targeted for multi-use development.

It has been three years since September 11th 2001 and so much has changed. On this day I hope everyone can take a moment and see the good things in their lives and ways they can help share freedom and love with others. Do so and you strike back in a way that really defeats terror.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Getting Things Done

As I approach my eventual move date (Which looks like early October; but that depends on a few outside factors) it's time to turn on my super organizing skills. Like all things in my life I try to live by the rule "All things in moderation, including moderation." To me that means when I have to turn on the jets, I do. I prefer to organize and delegate ahead of time so you never get to crunch time, but that's not always practical.

Two this end, The Shift program has been very helpful to me. Both in terms of knowing what the true goal of any project is and of focusing on how to get their on the path that does the most good. (ie, you may be able to get their faster, but faster is not always better.)

This book "Getting Things Done" looks promising and I plan to get my hands on it. Merlin already has and goes into some detail on his blog (with lots of links and goodies).